About the Authors

Kristen Eckstein Ultimate Book CoachKristen Eckstein, ”The Ultimate Book Coach,” is a sought-after independent publishing expert, two time best-selling author and award-winning international speaker.  Her reputation is to create books that build your business through Ghost Publishing,  a term she coined to define her exclusive independent publishing programs.

Kristen loves books – reading them, writing them and helping other people publish them.  She has been interested in all aspects of books ever since she was 5 when she read her first Nancy Drew book.  In 2003, Kristen began her book career when she co-ran a vanity publishing company that featured a traditional publishing arm. During this time she learned the ins and outs of vanity, subsidy and traditional publishing – what to look for, what to avoid and how to make sure authors don’t get ripped off.

Ultimately, Kristen left that publishing company behind and co-founded Imagine!Studios LLC, an art and media production company, with her husband Joe.  They soon began publishing authors’ books again under their own label. Relocation caused them to hand that portion of their business off to another capable publisher and Kristen began her role as an independent publishing book coach. In 2011, Kristen founded the “21 Ways” series of pocket guidebooks under the traditional publishing label of her company, Discover! Books.

Now Kristen spends her time helping others get into print.  To date she has started 44 publishing companies and published 122 books and eBooks, 13 of those her own. She has taken a complicated publishing process and broken it down step by step through her Ghost Publishing method which puts the author in control of the process.  Do you have a book you’ve been meaning to write? Let Kristen Eckstein help you publish the book that will bring you business!

Kristen is the author of 21 Ways to Write & Publish Your Non-Fiction Book, 21 Ways to Powerfully Network Your Business and 21 Ways to be a Kid Again & Get Adult Results

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Dr. Daisy SutherlandDr. Daisy Sutherland is the Founder and CEO of Dr. Mommy Online. Her main mission and goal is to IME—Inspire, Motivate & Encourage—you to be the best you can be in health, wealth, and

She is a Doctor of Chiropractic, author, speaker, and radio personality, but most importantly she is a devoted wife and mom to five. She understands the trials of life and has overcome many, and because of this she is determined to help others through this wonderful journey we all call life!

She encourages you to not dwell on the past and allow it to form who you are today. Instead, you should learn from past so that you can become the greatness you were created to be. This is her motto and through her writings, audios, and speaking engagements, she continues her mission of inspiring, motivating, and encouraging others. For more of what Dr. Mommy has to offer visit her at DrMommyOnline.com.

Dr. Daisy is the author of 21 Ways to Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday Season and 21 Ways to Run a Stress-Free Business

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Felicia Slattery

Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed., is a professional speaker, communication consultant, and speaker trainer based in the Chicago area and has made a comfortable living using a combination of most of the 21 Ways in her books.

Felicia offers communication and public speaking consulting and training; she serves small and home-based business owners in creating their most effective communications and messages to attract and retain their ideal clients.

Her mission is to support, empower, and train small and home-based business owners to deliver their most powerful and effective messages in order to run a successful business that sustains their chosen lifestyle. You can learn more about Felicia at 21WaysToMakeMoneySpeaking.com.

Felicia is the author of 21 Ways to Make Money Speaking

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Tony LaidigTony Laidig is a professional photographer, graphic artist, storyteller and recognized specialist at creating information products using all types of media.

Tony’s moving, daily photographic exploration, “A Day with the Sacred,” has inspired thousands to consider what they consider sacred and why. As a graphic artist, he designed nearly 600 book covers for best-selling authors around the world. And in teaching step-by-step product creation processes, Tony has helped thousands of individuals create new products, and income streams, of their own.

At the heart of Tony’s passion for telling stories through these different mediums lies a curious commitment to the creative process and help others connect with the creativity they have within.

Tony is the author of 21 Ways to Skyrocket Your Creativity and 21 Ways to Explode Your Online Profits (Winter 2012)

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Grace Marshall, authorGrace Marshall is a life and business coach, NLP practitioner, DISC trainer and mom to two young children. She is passionate about helping busy business owners make the most of their time and their talents, and do life and business on their own terms. She loves to encourage and equip entrepreneurs to design, create, and grow a business that works for them and their family, rather than the other way around—and still have time for the other important things in life, like friendship, fun, and rest!

She lives in Stafford—somewhere in the middle of the U.K.—with her husband and their two children, where they are very much involved in a lively local church community. When she’s not working (and sometimes when she is), you’ll probably find her surrounded by people, books, music, or food—possibly even all at once.

Grace is the author of 21 Ways to Manage the Stuff that Sucks Up Your Time

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